Tips & Advice for Tree Removal Due to Storm Damage

  • 6 June 2023

Tips & Advice for Tree Removal Due to Storm Damage

Tree Removal for Storm Damage

Each year, tragic tales during storms emerge from various parts of the country, recounting individuals being harmed or losing their lives due to falling trees and branches. These trees were weakened or damaged by severe weather conditions. While not as severe as injuries or fatalities, fallen trees, and branches can also wreak havoc on residences and belongings, causing substantial damage or destruction.

This is a grave matter that demands attention. If your property has large trees, you likely seek guidance on handling tree damage following a storm—both in terms of prevention and effective measures for dealing with the aftermath.

Assessment of Trees After the Storm 

It is important to understand that tree damage can occur in various degrees. Let’s categorise it into three main groups: mild, moderate, and severe.

  • Mild Tree Damage 

This typically involves the loss of small branches that do not pose significant concerns. Some branches may be broken and the tree’s bark may be torn. Overall, the tree remains structurally intact.

  • Moderate Tree Damage 

Moderate tree damage involves the loss of significant branches, making the tree unstable. There may be hanging branches that pose a future risk. Although major damage may not have occurred, the tree’s structural integrity concerns arise.

  • Severe Tree Damage 

Severe tree damage encompasses situations where the tree has been uprooted and has already fallen or when a tree is leaning precariously, posing a high risk. Additionally, if a massive limb has crashed through a structure, it is considered severe damage.

The Process of Tree Debris Cleanup

When you entrust us with your storm cleanup and tree debris removal needs, skilled and knowledgeable arborists will follow a systematic approach to ensure a thorough cleanup. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Assessment – The first priority is to assess the extent of the damage and identify any emergencies that require immediate attention. This allows us to prioritise efforts effectively.
  2. Property and Safety Protection – The arborists take prompt action to address branches, limbs, or fallen trees that pose a threat to your property or safety. They will carefully remove these hazards to ensure the area is secure.
  3. Methodical Cleanup. A professional arborist will take a systematic approach to remove all downed limbs and trees from your property. Using professional-grade equipment, they will efficiently cut and remove large sections of trees, leaving your space clean and safe.
  4. Tree Inspection – Next, professional arborists will thoroughly inspect your remaining trees to identify any hidden damage that could impact their health. Based on the findings, they will recommend appropriate action courses to mitigate potential issues.
  5. Backyard Cleanup – Professional arborists will take the extra step to clean up any remaining plant debris that may clutter your property. 

Whether you require full storm-damaged tree removal or need assistance clearing small debris, professional arborists like Apex Tree Removal Services are ready to handle tree removal services of any size. Trust us to take care of your post-storm mess, restoring your property and debris-free.